"Francy and the Soul Room" are a Big Band formed in the name of Soul Music by Motown Records: the famous record label in Detroit that started some artists like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Jackson 5, Temptations, Supremes, Martha Reeves and many others. 

Francesca Arrigoni, the voice of the group, in 2015 founded the Soul Room for play some of the great successes of Motown, embracing a very important era of Afro-American music that includes the first vocal groups, Soul, Funk and some 80s dance music.

The band is formed of:

- Francesca Arrigoni: Leading Voice

- Lara Molteni and Lucia Fontana: Choirs

- Giorgio Giommi: Guitar and Choirs

- Ivan Rigamonti: Keyboards

- Marco Villa: Baritone Sax

- Stefano Cattaneo: Horn and Trumpet

- Andrea Gerosa: Drums

- Alessandro Rigamonti: Bass, to him the joyful task of retracing the bass lines of the great James Jamerson


Ideal for live music clubs, festivals, party and in general medium / large stages.

They are also available for live in reduced formation, from the duo (guitar and voice) to the complete formation (nine elements)